Personal Services

With two registered Trustees in Bankruptcy, Bent & Cougle is able to conduct the formal administrations provided for under the Bankruptcy Act, specifically, Arrangements under Part X of the Bankruptcy Act.

Part X Arrangements

Part X of the Bankruptcy Act allows a debtor to authorise a Registered Trustee to take control of the debtor’s affairs and to facilitate the negotiation of a settlement between a debtor and their creditors.

These arrangements are referred to as Personal Insolvency Agreements.

Bent & Cougle Pty Ltd can assist a debtor to formulate the most appropriate proposal to submit to creditors.


The process whereby a debtor seeks protection from their creditors. It can be initiated by the debtor themselves or by a creditor obtaining an order from the Federal Court that a debtor be declared bankrupt.

Bankruptcy is usually resorted to where one is unable to come to a settlement with their creditors.

Bent & Cougle Pty Ltd can:

• advise whether bankruptcy is the appropriate course to follow
• advise on the consequences of bankruptcy
• act as trustees of bankrupt estates.

Informal Arrangements

In some instances it is not practical or economic to settle with one’s creditors via an arrangement under Part X.

In those circumstances, Bent & Cougle Pty Ltd are able to organise and implement informal arrangements for debtors seeking a settlement or compromise with their creditors.