These are some of the most common questions we are asked. Please contact us if you have a question not covered here.

A professional outline of the options available to your business or your company if financial difficulties are being experienced.

No, however it can be helpful if they are in attendance. If not, we can contact them later, with your approval, to gain any other information required.


• A list of creditors

• The most recently prepared financial statements for your company or business

• Letters of demand, summonses, etc.

• Any notices received from the Australian Taxation Office.

There is no charge for the first meeting. Our fee structure will be explained and a fee estimate provided at the first meeting.

After you decide you want to pursue one of the options outlined and you instruct us in the matter.

Yes, in providing financial records and documents to allow you to be properly advised on an administration to be conducted.

Your accountant and solicitor would normally continue to handle for instance your personal income tax and legal affairs.

We take all creditors’ calls once we are instructed to act.

Once we are engaged we advise creditors of your business or companies position.

Generally, once you instruct us to act, we notify the Sheriff and the proceedings are stayed.

Part X is a section of the Bankruptcy Act that allows a person (or persons), in financial difficulties to appoint a registered Trustee to organise a meeting of creditors at which creditors vote whether to accept or reject your offer to settle their claims.

Bankruptcy is a legal status to provide protection from creditors. Generally a person’s assets, excluding a motor vehicle, household possessions and tools of the trade to indexed thresholds, are sold to pay the debts.

The Bankruptcy Act provides protection for superannuation.

A bankrupt can also be required to make contributions to their estate from their income, if their income exceeds an indexed threshold.

Yes, but the restrictions can make conducting business more difficult.

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