Bent & Cougle Pty Ltd was established in 1963 and has always operated as a specialist insolvency practice.

Recognised as one of the most active insolvency specialists in Melbourne and throughout Victoria, Bent & Cougle specialises in servicing the needs of other professionals such as accountants, solicitors, consultants and financial institutions whose clients may be experiencing financial difficulties.

We do not conduct audits, provide tax advice or the other services that Chartered Accounting firms usually provide.

Our Network


Bent & Cougle specialises in formal insolvency administrations under the Corporations Act 2001 and Bankruptcy Act 1966.

We also assist with informal arrangements for companies, individuals with financial difficulties, we provide consulting services to businesses with financial difficulties and also assist in disputes between partners and directors.


With our agents interstate, we have the ability to conduct insolvency and reconstruction assignments of businesses with national operations, yet are still able to provide personal, prompt and cost-effective attention to each assignment.

Our Principals

Brendan Marchesi and Keith Sutherland each have more than thirty years experience in all aspects of insolvency. Both are Official Liquidators, Registered Liquidators and Trustees in Bankruptcy.

Michael Quin has fifteen years insolvency experience and is an Official Liquidator and Registered Liquidator.

These qualifications and experience enable Bent & Cougle Pty Ltd to administer bankruptcies and Part X arrangements under the Bankruptcy Act, Court and Voluntary Liquidations, Receiverships and Voluntary Administrations.

We strive to offer a personalised service with a principal actively involved in every administration.

With a principal of the company actively involved in every administration, we are committed to providing personal, prompt and cost-effective attention to each assignment.